Metrus Energy Hires

Jan Petrenko as Director of Sales, 


San Francisco – (June 5, 2019)

Metrus Energy, a market leader in energy and water efficiency financing, announced today the hiring of Jan Petrenko as Sales Director.


Petrenko will be responsible for developing and executing new projects, and helping drive the growth of Metrus’ energy and water efficiency pipeline.  His focus will be on commercial and industrial, public sector and F500 verticals. Prior to joining Metrus, Petrenko was a Facilities Solution Specialist at SiteLog IQ, the largest privately held ESCO in the U.S, where he was the top performer in solar sales.  He held the position of Director of Business Development at Foxol, Inc., which was acquired in 2018 to help create SiteLogIQ. Petrenko also had successful stints at JLM Industries and National Standard Finance, LLC.


“Jan has an impressive track record in both the business development and financial aspects of the energy sector,” said Bob Hinkle, CEO of Metrus. “He greatly strengthens what is already a dynamic and talented sales team.”  

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