Metrus Wins Top Award

for Energy Efficiency

Business Innovation.


January 23, 2013 –

Metrus Energy was honored last week by the Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) for its pioneering work using Efficiency Services Agreements (ESAs) to finance and implement energy efficiency retrofit projects at commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.


CCBJ, conducting its third annual CCBJ Business Achievement Awards, singled out Metrus as a leader in energy efficiency finance by selecting the company as the 2012 gold medal winner for business model innovation.


The CCBJ judges wrote:

“Metrus is an energy efficiency pioneer that created the country’s first energy efficiency-based ‘independent power producer’ (IPP) business model. While IPPs develop and finance power plants and sell electricity (kWh), Metrus has turned the IPP model on its head by developing and financing retrofit projects that sell energy savings, or ‘negawatts.’


The projects showcase Metrus’ ability to offer customers a flexible, scalable and a proven structure to finance integrated EE projects. Based on its innovative work in energy efficiency finance, Metrus was selected as an inaugural member of the White House’s and DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge program.”


Under its ESA, Metrus pays for 100% of project costs, providing its customers with the operational, economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency without the capital expense. Metrus offers customers a smarter way to pay for energy efficiency which is based on the simple truth that the cheapest and cleanest kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the one that you don’t use.”

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