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New Energy and Water Efficiency Retrofit Deal


August 22, 2017

Metrus just announced a new efficiency-as-a-service deal with Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida and the particulars are worth noting.


Not only is it the first ESA deal in the Sunshine State, but it is also the first to include water efficiency measures. The sheer scope of this project —with 17 different efficiency measures—again demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of the Metrus ESA. As Metrus continues to expand its market reach, it seeks to incorporate water and other resource-saving efficiencies into all of its efficiency-as-a-service projects. The water savings alone on the Parrish Medical Center equal 3.7 million kilogallons annually, the equivalent of 5,639 Olympic-sized pools. Coupled with the numerous energy upgrades which will save 8.9 million kWh/year of electricity and 257,000 therms/year of natural gas, Parrish will save more than $830K annually. Looks like nothing but blue skies for this Florida hospital.


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